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Ego battles ego – only awareness escapes the loop

My primary teacher illustrated the futility of the ego fighting the ego with a wonderful story featuring a wrestling match. “There you are,” Rama would say, “in the ring and it’s your self fighting yourself. Now, you’ve got the upper … Continue reading

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Tantric Zen – Delving into Practical Buddhism Topics

Fall is a great time to delve into some hands-on topics in practical Buddhism. To kick our practice of meditation and mindfulness up a notch, and have some fun at the same time, we are going to use the “Tantric … Continue reading

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Controlled Folly – an art of the mystic

What if you would do things, without focusing on, and without attachment to, or fear of, any possible outcome? What if you just did things because for you it’s “the path with heart”, the thing that calls to you? Or … Continue reading

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New Meditation Blog and Other Websites

There’s a new meditation blog online that you might want to check out: “Enlightenment is Real” I find it insightful and inspiring in its treatment of meditation and mindfulness topics, usually based on and expanding a nugget of wisdom from … Continue reading

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Meditation Music written by Rama — Dr. Frederick Lenz

Music that helps you meditate more deeply, and it’s available for download at no charge! Awesome — you can now listen to some of the Zazen music that Rama wrote, online or download to your computer/MP3 player FOR FREE. You … Continue reading

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“How Meditation May Change the Brain” — NY Times

Another  “scientists proving the obvious” study: when you meditate, you don’t just change your experience, you are actually retraining your mind and rewiring your brain. To read online: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/28/how-meditation-may-change-the-brain/?pagemode=print To read as a PDF: How Meditation May Change the Brain … Continue reading

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Online Meditation Hall

How fun — an online Zen meditation hall: http://dailyzen.com/meditation.asp

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