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Meditation Music written by Rama — Dr. Frederick Lenz

Music that helps you meditate more deeply, and it’s available for download at no charge! Awesome — you can now listen to some of the Zazen music that Rama wrote, online or download to your computer/MP3 player FOR FREE. You … Continue reading

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Harvest Time & Other Magical Moments from Egyptian Lifetimes

Today, as I was riding my exercise bike, I was listening to music played by Zazen. The Mystery School album transports you to mystical Egyptian times. I love all the songs, there are so many dimensions within dimensions tucked into … Continue reading

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Meditation Music: Where to Download or Purchase

You can download Meditation Music written/produced by Rama to support and guide meditation practitioners touch/reach into/merge with higher dimensions/their deepest self using chakra focus techniques, at this location: http://imeditate.com/rama/meditation_music.html The Enlightenment music is for morning meditation, and the Canyons of … Continue reading

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