Patience … is allowing Eternity all the time it needs …

– Deborah Monk

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Controlled Folly – an art of the mystic

What if you would do things, without focusing on, and without attachment to, or fear of, any possible outcome?

What if you just did things because for you it’s “the path with heart”, the thing that calls to you? Or because you see it is the thing that Eternity has brought you, and you act with full integrity and do not pull your punch?

What if you do everything with as much intent, integrity and purposeful care as you can summon – not because you think the think you are doing is “all that”, but because it is in how you choose to do it, that the magic and power is to be found?

Or, as Rama would say:

“Nothing is important, and everything matters.”

One way this is referred to is, “controlled folly”, a term out of the Carlos Castaneda books (and others which claim to be in the “Toltec tradition”).

“One must always choose the path with heart in order to be at one’s best, perhaps so one can always laugh.”  A Separate Reality (Carlos Castaneda), p.  105

What is controlled folly?  It is when you do what you do, as if it matters, but knowing that it is ultimately inconsequential.  In other words, you are acting as if it matters – when you know it is not important.

This allows you great freedom to act without attachment or fear.  Without attachment to outcomes, or people, or even yourself.   You can have fun, then, with everything you do because you have removed the heaviness of focusing, fearing or wishing a particular outcome.

You can follow your predilections, as the mystic within you might say, or the will of Eternity, as the spirit within you might say.  Or, if you combine the two — in tantric mysticism or tantric Buddhism, following Rama’s definition in talks by those names — you can find the joy and happiness in life at all moments.

Tantra is the reconciliation of opposites – removing dualism – by not distinguishing between the life of the spirit and one’s daily life.  Choosing to live intentionally, with humor and joy.

Controlled folly?  What is controlled? One’s mind.  What is the folly? The fun of not trying to control Eternity any more, of just doing what brings a smile, the deep smile.

A talk from 1982-3:  Tantric Mysticism which specifically addresses

A series of talks from late 80’s: Tantric Buddhism

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Dressing for Success – Tips for the Mystic

How does what we wear have anything to do with spiritual progress?

Everything we do is part of the path of Tantric Yoga aka Buddhist Mysticism. 

Everything means everything.

Everything vibrates.  Every vibration with which your subtle body comes into contact can effect it.   Things either vibrate faster or slower than you, or at the same rate.  Which kind of things do you want to put next to your physical and subtle (energy) bodies?

To read more: Dressing for Success 2011

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Shiva Garuda Dharma workshops in Connecticut

A friend asked me to share:

A joyful and energetic Vajrayana Geshe, Lama Norbu, will be holding two Shiva Garuda Dharma workshops in Connecticut this June 25 and 26. After spending 20 years in a monastery, he has gone off to teach in his own way, to help all realize their highest self potential.

Through a potent combination of breathwork, intention, mantra and mudra, Shiva Garuda practice enables us to hold a higher frequency of vibrational energy while elevating our consciousness. It leads us to a state of deep, meditative focus while attuning us to our own rising, self-healing energy.
Each workshop is uniquely different and filled with magical spontaneity, while experiencing the healing energy

Come to One or Both Workshops:

All Day Intensive
Saturday, June 25, 11:00 – 6:30 pm
Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society
297 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443
(203) 245. 8720
Donation: $75 pre-registered/ $85 at the door; includes lunch

Half Day Workshop
Sunday, June 26, 1:00 – 4:30 pm
The Dudley Farm- Munger Barn
2351 Durham Rd, Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 457. 0770
Donation: $35 pre-registered/ $40 at the door

To register and for additional information please visit–

Private consultations are available. Please inquire.
No one will be turned away due to limited funds.

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Clearing and Increasing Energy in our Home Space – Experiment of the Week

This week, as we delve deeper into applying the principles of the pragmatic mysticism that Rama taught – our class “experiment” is taking a look — and then acting on what we find — in our home space to increase our energy and awareness, & what we can change/remove/let go of that is blocking or bringing down our energy and awareness.

Someone mentioned an interest in feng shui, which reminded me of a great book called “Clear your clutter with Feng Shui” by  Karen Kingston – which I highly recommend.

When I dropped that into Google, I got back the link to an article of similar name which, on a quick glance, looks to have some handy ideas:

This coming week, we’ll check into people’s experiences with this experiment, as well as other explorations in coming up with and using our +/- lists, plus start to look at clothing and careers.


Feel free to share your own ideas and experiences here — preferably as you discover them this week/weekned — around working your home space.

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The Yoga of Mysticism and Power (aka Raja Yoga)

The yoga of mysticism – aka Raja Yoga – is a pathway which is not meant for all, but those who find themselves on its path may find it the supreme form of practice, the most fun and the most engaging.

Meditation and mindfulness are integral to the practices of mysticism, but there is an added dimension of practicality which may not be present in other forms of Yoga or practice. One learns that how one lives day-to-day is both expresssion and evocation of higher states of mind and increased levels of energy.  That translates into a much tighter approach to the things and doings of daily life than is promoted on any of the other pathways.

It includes a focused look at how energy and awareness are inter-related.  Practitioners discover that by increasing the doing of those things which raise one’s energy and by diminishing the doing of that which lowers one’s energy, it is not difficult to attain a higher and clearer awareness.  And by finding and keeping within one’s higher levels of awareness, one can keep one’s energy level up — a virtuous circle in which the practice itself is its own reward.

It’s also a way of looking at how things “work” that are not obvious to the eye or logical mind … of discovering the “secrets” – not secrets which are kept from others, but as in “the secret of how things really are”.

It’s a path for explorers, for those who want their spiritual growth to come not only from hearing inspirational stories about the exploits of others, but who want to find and follow the “treasure map” of techniques that lead to their own mystical experiences.

My teacher Rama was a master of mysticism, as well as meditation and mindfulness.  Those attracted to his teachings were typically mystics, whether they realized it prior to meeting him or not.  It’s a given that those who are drawn to my class and stick it out a while are likewise mystically inclined.

It does not mean we do not find joy and progress through the practices of the heart (aka Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion) or in the ways of selfless giving (aka Karma Yoga, the path of working for others) or in the disciplines of the mind (aka Jnana Yoga, the path of discernment and discriminination of what is true and what is not).

It just means that in us, there is a special sense of adventure, a love of experimentation and a willingness (even eagerness) to not separate “daily life” from our “practice”, and so we find mysticism powerful and transformative.  The danger with mysticism is obsession – being so keyed to power that we forget it’s just a way of describing the same thing that could be labeled transcendental Light.  And so we balance ourselves with a keen awareness of the brightness in all things and the fun to be had in our explorations, and celebrate the circle of all those who are also playing the same dance of exploration.

In Buddhism, this has been called the path of Tantra — Tantricism being the pathway in which “Samsara is Nirvana”, i.e. the world in which we live is no different and not separated from the highest level of emancipation and awareness, except by the level of perception through which we view it.

Enjoy learning about Mysticism if you are drawn to it.

Here is a link to a talk Rama gave in the early days of his teachings which addresses this topic from the point of view of The Yoga of Mysticism. You can listen online or download this talk (among many others) for free:

It starts:

There are four principal pathways that lead to self realization.  Mysticism is the hidden way. The mystic practices the art of intentionality. Intentionality is the awareness of being in all of its profundity and a gentle humor, a not-so-serious view of our existence, a pure love of life in both its finiteness and its infiniteness.

Mysticism uses power — the utilization of power to unite us with our eternal self. When we practice mysticism, we deal with two sides of ourselves: that which is seen and that which is unseen.

Have fun exploring the seen, the unseen and … the secrets of mysticism!

Here is a PDF made from the transcription of this talk, as captured in the book of talks titled “Lakshmi Series”:

Rama Talk on Yoga of Mysticism and Power 1983

In this talk, one of a set of 4 on these principles Yogas, Rama talks about focusing one’s practice on one of the styles in each of the seasons.  Mysticism he says is most easily practiced, or new levels of understanding attained, during springtime, which is why we are looking at this topic in particular right now.  Though, as Rama points out in this talk, any of them can be practiced at any time, we’ve spent the last year going through these 4 paths in succession, to see what we can learn by aligning our explorations with the times when it is easiest to explore and understand them.

Needless to say, that idea of having fun exploring according to the seasons is exactly the kind of thing that we who are mystically inclined would propose and have fun doing!

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New Meditation Blog and Other Websites

There’s a new meditation blog online that you might want to check out: “Enlightenment is Real”

I find it insightful and inspiring in its treatment of meditation and mindfulness topics, usually based on and expanding a nugget of wisdom from Rama.

Other websites I have recently added to our links include:

How To Meditate — a blog dedicated to  “going higher and higher into light everyday!”

Rama, Master of Enlightenment —  “Who is Rama, Meditating with Rama, Rama’s Teachings, Daily Enlightenment (Meditation), Your Path” .  I’ve been told this is a work in progress, but there seems to be plenty already there!

Wisdom Oracle Enlightenment Cards — get answers to your questions based on “The Profound and Essential Buddhist Teachings of Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz”.

A very interesting idea here, which could be quite enlightening.  This website has an application that generates a “reading” similar to I Ching or Tarot, in answer to a question which you ask it, all based on quotes from Rama.

I recommend you start by looking at “How It Works“.

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