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… the still point in the middle of all the turning worlds …

From the talk on Tantric Buddhism, Buddhism CD: The best way to deal with desire and aversion is to push them away.  To cut to the chase, if I may here, we all know what we should be – I … Continue reading

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Neutrality: be neither attracted nor repulsed

Rama, in the Tantric Buddhism series talk on Buddhism: So in your quest for enlightenment, the most important thing is to try and get beyond desire, because desire causes hate.  If it were not for desire, there would be very … Continue reading

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Balance – Talk in Enlightenment Cycle Series

From the Enlightenment Cycle talk set, recorded by Rama (Dr. Frederick P. Lenz)  in 1992, the “Balance” talk provides insights and pointers on both meditation (Heart Chakra) and mindfulness. The talk starts: Spiritual balance is the ability to be happy … Continue reading

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