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Meditation Music written by Rama — Dr. Frederick Lenz

Music that helps you meditate more deeply, and it’s available for download at no charge! Awesome — you can now listen to some of the Zazen music that Rama wrote, online or download to your computer/MP3 player FOR FREE. You … Continue reading

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Grateful People Are Happier, Healthier — Wall Street Journal

Guess what the scientists are proving now?

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Why Meditate to Music?

Sometimes people tell me they don’t have as strong an experience meditating at home as in class, or it’s harder, or it’s not the same. A lot of the reason people feel so cleared out, relaxed, focused and energized after … Continue reading

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The “Neti Neti” Technique

This is a wonderful technique of mindfulness which can be used to clear the mind out for meditation very nicely as well.  Technically, it is part of “jnana” or discriminating mind yoga, and is translated as “not this, not this.” … Continue reading

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Power – Talk from Enlightenment Cycle Series

** Note: A new version of the scanned version of this talk has been uploaded 5-11-09 , as all the words on the original version cannot be read ** From the Enlightenment Cycle talk set, recorded by Rama (Dr. Frederick … Continue reading

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Mudras (Hand Gestures) for Chakra Meditation

A simple functional definition of a Mudra (from the mystical point of view) is a way of positioning the fingers and hands to tune into and focus particular strands of energy. Here are a few ones to experiment with during … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Endings … Year 2009

“Beginnings and endings are important”, my teacher used to say.  It was with these words, and a discussion of this topic, that I introduced this blog a year ago. With each ending, we set up the next beginning – and … Continue reading

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