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Ego battles ego – only awareness escapes the loop

My primary teacher illustrated the futility of the ego fighting the ego with a wonderful story featuring a wrestling match. “There you are,” Rama would say, “in the ring and it’s your self fighting yourself. Now, you’ve got the upper … Continue reading

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“Thy will be done”

“Thy will be done” gives freedom and awareness, not chains nor loss of control. To the extent we know that and can act on this understanding, we are on the path of friendship with Eternity/God/the Divine/the Infinite or however we … Continue reading

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Patience … is allowing Eternity all the time it needs … – Deborah Monk

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Gratitude Practices on the Path of Love

One particular practice which helps us tap directly into both the experience and the feelings of the Yoga of Love is gratitude. Here are a few techniques for participants in this program to experiment with. Start with one, if you … Continue reading

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The Last Incarnation – a source online

I read the Don Juan books and wished I could meet a Don Juan. I read the Tolkien books and wondered what it would be like to have somone like Gandalf to rely on for insight. I read books about … Continue reading

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Re-charging Yourself – some ideas from our class discussion

In last week’s class we talked amongst ourselves about things we do to re-charge ourselves – ways to (re-) generate a spark when we need it. People’s suggestions fit into one or more of a couple categories: Being instead of … Continue reading

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One of the secrets of mystical training is the use of energy to get energy

One of the secrets of mystical training is the use of energy to get energy. Why be interested in increasing your energy?  That’s a whole discussion in itself, but the short answer is: extra energy allows you greater control within … Continue reading

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