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I'm a student, monk and teacher from the American Buddhist lineage of Rama (Dr Frederick Lenz). I include other practices and teachings as well.

It’s all in the vibration – an afternoon with Yuan Miao

I was fortunate to spend a few hours in a workshop with Yuan Miao on Father’s Day. Too much to report on … the bottomline is … it’s all about the vibration.  Her singing, her mantras, her mudras (yes I … Continue reading

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Ego battles ego – only awareness escapes the loop

My primary teacher illustrated the futility of the ego fighting the ego with a wonderful story featuring a wrestling match. “There you are,” Rama would say, “in the ring and it’s your self fighting yourself. Now, you’ve got the upper … Continue reading

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Two quotes from Pamela Wilson on new relationships with mind and our “stories”

Two quotes from Pamela Wilson from #1 Ramana’s great question was, “Who am I?” Nowadays it’s easy to see that we are this formless intelligence inside. Yet so many of us, in our innocence, still think that thought is … Continue reading

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“Thy will be done”

“Thy will be done” gives freedom and awareness, not chains nor loss of control. To the extent we know that and can act on this understanding, we are on the path of friendship with Eternity/God/the Divine/the Infinite or however we … Continue reading

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Koan / Experiment of the week – whose business is your business?

Koan for the week: “There are 3 kinds of business. My business, your business and God’s business” – Byron Katie. If your awareness wanders from your own business into someone else’s businesss, who is left to experience your own experience? … Continue reading

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Tantric Zen – Delving into Practical Buddhism Topics

Fall is a great time to delve into some hands-on topics in practical Buddhism. To kick our practice of meditation and mindfulness up a notch, and have some fun at the same time, we are going to use the “Tantric … Continue reading

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Practice Tip: Gratitude to All Exercise

This is an exercise to expand your heart energies of balance, compassion and gratitude. For a day, or better yet a week, thank every person you meet or interact with for something. Find one or more things that you can … Continue reading

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