About This Blog

This blog originally was an auxiliary teaching tool for Meditation and Mindfulness classes I used to lead in NYC, allowing me to share links and ideas with folks I met through them.

Right now, in 2012, it feels like my goose is currently being cooked by Eternity, metaphorically speaking, so most of my energy is in my own practice and sharing that with a few others that seem inspired to gather together electronically to meditate and converse on some of these topics.

I’m not currently leading any “in-person” classes, though I’m doing some tele-meds with friends that came out of that adventure as I have left the NY area.

BTW I am not a professional meditation teacher, this is just me giving back.  I was an accepted student of an Enlightened Teacher for many years (and have learned much since from other wise ones), and in my book, that means I owe heavily to the universe.


This blog is dedicated to all those who seek light within themselves and others through meditation and mindfulness. Truly, “what you focus on you become” so herein, I hope you find much that is “high, bright, happy and noble”.


Some entries are designed to allow comments (and sometimes I don’t allow them or  forget to turn on comments).  I always review comments, no spam or self-serving comments allowed.

Want to reach me?  There is a yahoo.com account under “woman_monk” but please do not add me to any list or expect I will forward anything.


Deborah, grace to all