Getting around this blog

Here’s the scoop on blogs, especially this one: there are “posts” which get put up in reverse date order – i.e. most recent is at the top, and then you scroll down for previous posts – and then there are “pages” which never get posted in the scrolling entries, but are static like regular web pages.

Over on the right (as this blog is laid out right now) there are a bunch of headings.

First of all (and I don’t control the order, or haven’t figured this out yet) are links – they just lead off to websites I think you might find interesting, informative and useful. These include: “Meditation Centers (Rama Style)”, “Rama – Introduction”, “Rama on Meditation and Mindfulness Topics”, and “Related Info Links”. The “Rama Introduction” links are either links to sites Rama set up or that are informative about him. “Rama on Meditation and Mindfulness Topics” link to some of the sites that are geared to helping you get at some of the ‘original material’ from Rama’s tapes or books directly. “Related Info Links” is kind of a grab bag of sites that other Rama students have put up which may have information of use – like the Yantras – or is a set of links that you can delve deeper through.

In the long run, I will probably provide a better organization for these links, but for now, they provide a huge amount of resources. The only thing is, you may want to contact me for context or help understanding. Great – use the questions and answers page (below) or send me an email!

NEXT is “Categories” – the heart of what makes a blog – the posted entries. You might think they’d be at the top, but they’re not. Like I said, I may spend some time and figure out how to change that. By clicking on any category, you will see just the postings that I’ve assigned to that category.

Below that is “Archives” which allows you to read postings from a particular period. It’s a blog thing.

“Pages” is at the bottom. And here are things like a copy of the “Cheat Sheet” I hand out at intro classes, and the Book list (which I put in without reformatting, apologies until I get to that).

There’s a page called “Questions and Answers” and you can actually go there and enter a question. It won’t show up but will come to me. I’ll come up with an answer and post it back. I also intend to pull some of the questions/answers that have come about through email exchanges (minus the identity of the questioner), because I think everyone could benefit. This are will be fruitful over time, depending on your participation.