It’s all in the vibration – an afternoon with Yuan Miao

I was fortunate to spend a few hours in a workshop with Yuan Miao on Father’s Day.

Too much to report on … the bottomline is … it’s all about the vibration.  Her singing, her mantras, her mudras (yes I am anglizing the plurals), the activities she engaged us in – all to bring to a vibration. And then finally, some energetic adjustments with her “hands”.

She talked about a big shift in the world over the next 30 or 40 years; and it’s all about the vibration.  Not being perfect, not not having “bad experiences” or “bad” anything – all that is “ashes”, as in “out of the ashes, the phoenix”.  Nothing to do, by the way – just be true to your vibration.

Some time ago, I heard Mary “Nalini” MacNab point out that rather than being our ego constructs (which our mind thinks/fears we are) … we are an energetic alignment.  Our dharmic path is found by living from that alignment. Or, that alignment = our dharma.  How did she say it? No matter, it’s not about the words.

This morning in meditation, the energy flowing through the alignment of the chakras and sushumna was strong – it’s the new moon, a day before the summer solstics 2012 – and it all sync’d up.

Finding/maintaining/being our own vibration is about being that alignment, the alignment manifests the vibration … is the vibration.  Alignment = vibration = energy = dharma.

This morning I was also drawn to re-reading the transcription of Rama’s talk on “Love – The Fourth Level of Ecstasy” in which he points out that his students were all either there for the finishing touches of their graduate school work in love, or were there for some remedial work.  Ah, but that vibration of love … that alignment …

Nothing to do, nothing to undo. Just be.  (Lao Tsu)

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