Koan / Experiment of the week – whose business is your business?

Koan for the week:

“There are 3 kinds of business. My business, your business and God’s business” – Byron Katie.

If your awareness wanders from your own business into someone else’s businesss, who is left to experience your own experience? Katie goes on to explain. That is when and how and why we feel lost and out of control. Because of course, we have no control over others, nor should we, and we have left behind what we do have control over. And then of course, by “God’s business” she means all that neither I nor you have any control over.

If “God” happens not to work for you, substitute Eternity, Infinity, The Divine, The Nagual, The Universe(s) or whatever it is that stands for that which creates and sustains us and all that is.

How to use this koan (thought puzzle)? You may know already what works for you.

Or you can try this: every time you find yourself frustrated, baffled, confused, angry or otherwise feeling a loss of control – check out where your awareness is. And, if you prefer to experience your own awareness, bring it back to your own business. Whatever someone else does or does not do (including “God”) – 100% not your business. How you respond? 100% your business. Just try that on and see what you see.


About womanmonk

I'm a student, monk and teacher from the American Buddhist lineage of Rama (Dr Frederick Lenz). I include other practices and teachings as well.
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One Response to Koan / Experiment of the week – whose business is your business?

  1. nanc7 says:

    I had the opportunity today to reaffirm this in my very experience. Interestingly timely that your post came through as confirmation! Thank you!

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