Tantric Zen – Delving into Practical Buddhism Topics

Fall is a great time to delve into some hands-on topics in practical Buddhism.

To kick our practice of meditation and mindfulness up a notch, and have some fun at the same time, we are going to use the “Tantric Zen” tapes created by Rama (Dr. Frederick Lenz), for his program of the same name, as a starting point for our discussions in the classes I lead in person and by phone.

A description of the talks from the Frederick Lenz Foundation website:

In 1986, as Rama – Dr. Frederick P. Lenz prepared for an extensive public lecture series, he sought to present a path to enlightenment that would be most understandable to the largest group of people. He selected Zen as most relevant to his current and future students and called his teachings “Tantric Zen.”

Of the 18 talks contained in this set, he says, “What I term Tantric Zen, I could also refer to as old Zen, the original face of Zen, or new Zen, contemporary Zen practice — no mind, the mirror of existence. Bodhidharma, who brought Zen from India to the Orient, taught a very pure type of Zen. Zen is meditation, the actual experience of life — directly, immediately, with no buffers. Tantra is for someone who is really broad-minded, and that’s the kind of Zen that I teach, which is what I feel Zen is. It is Bodhidharma Zen, your Zen, my Zen…

The topics are listed below, with links to PDFs with the transcriptions of those talks as I get them ready.

You can listen online or download for free, each of these talks at http://fredericklenzfoundation.org/Zen-Tapes-C9.aspx

The 18 talks titles follow.  Tthose with hyperlinks lead to PDFs of the transcriptions of these talks, from the book Tantric Zen.  Note: these transcriptions are not always literal, but it is often helpful to read while listening.  Still not everything yet, but plenty to explore!

1. Zen Tapes 1 – Tantric Zen
2. Zen Tapes 2 – Concentration and Meditation
3. Zen Tapes 3 – Developing Willpower
4. Zen Tapes 4 – Overcoming Stress
5. How To Be a Successful Student
6. The Zen of Sports and Athletics
7. Zen Tapes 7 – Overcoming Fears
8. Zen Tapes 8 – Karma
9. Zen Tapes 9 – Reincarnation
10. Zen Tapes 10 – Career Success 1986
11. Zen Tapes 11 – Managing & Increasing Your Energy 1986
12. Zen Tapes 12 – Winning 1986
13. Zen Tapes 13 – Personal Power
14. Zen Tapes 14 – Psychic Development 1986
15. Zen Tapes 15 – Rapid Mental Development 1986
16. Happiness
17. Advanced Meditation
18. Enlightenment


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I'm a student, monk and teacher from the American Buddhist lineage of Rama (Dr Frederick Lenz). I include other practices and teachings as well.
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