Meditation Music written by Rama — Dr. Frederick Lenz

Music that helps you meditate more deeply, and it’s available for download at no charge!

Awesome — you can now listen to some of the Zazen music that Rama wrote, online or download to your computer/MP3 player FOR FREE. You can always buy the CD too.

This music was particularly written to make it easier to get up to speed to meditate well, allowing your thoughts to slow down and your mind to concentrate and then let go.

This album — Samadhi — is the one I use most of the time in the intro classes.

First group of songs, about 4 or 5, helps you find and focus on your Navel Chakra for grounding and personal power.

Second group of songs brings you into your Heart Chakra, center of love, happiness, and gratitude — ie balance — so you can access your intuitive/psychic nature.

The final group of 4 songs helps tune and attune you to your Wisdom Center in the 3rd eye, where you first glimpse and then gradually find your true self — or selfless awareness — in the space between your thoughts.  And then, as you are less and less distracted by your ideas of self, merge more and more with that selfless self … moving beyond thought, self and music … to Light.

For Samadhi album:

For other Zazen music, some downloadable and free online:


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I'm a student, monk and teacher from the American Buddhist lineage of Rama (Dr Frederick Lenz). I include other practices and teachings as well.
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