Harvest Time & Other Magical Moments from Egyptian Lifetimes

Today, as I was riding my exercise bike, I was listening to music played by Zazen.

The Mystery School album transports you to mystical Egyptian times. I love all the songs, there are so many dimensions within dimensions tucked into them.

In particular, when I hear the song Harvest Time, my heart expands almost to bursting and I am taken to a world of sheer gratitude, surrender and joy.  I have been known to think to myself if I were ever to have a memorial service or some such thing, this would be one song I would certainly want played. In fact, today I realized that as far as I’m concerned I would love to have it be played as my mortal frame was being placed in fire. Harvest Time for me, indeed!

All that aside — this is the music that I play in class when I say, shall we go to Egypt for our meditation?

Here’s where you can get it for yourself:


Have fun exploring!


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I'm a student, monk and teacher from the American Buddhist lineage of Rama (Dr Frederick Lenz). I include other practices and teachings as well.
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